Best Painter’s Bib and Brace

Whether you are a professional in the industry or you plan on doing DIY projects around the house, having bib and brace overalls are a must if you are going to work with paint.

They keep you comfortable while you work and you stay protected from accidental spills or splatters. Let’s look at everything you need to know for picking a painter’s bib and brace.

Dickies Men’s Painters Bib Review

Best Painter’s Bib and Brace

Dickies painter’s bibs are made of denim and built to endure hard work. They are comfortable, roomy and very durable. Dickies has a good reputation and has been making workwear since 1922.

The overalls are priced reasonably and depend on what size you wear. There are multiple seams and pockets and a 2 button closure at the sides. The functionality and durability make these overalls well worth the price.

  • Made of cotton denim with triple-stitched seams to make them extreme durability.
  • The bib is large and has a roomy pocket. The overalls also have a hammer loop, 2 tool pockets and more pockets to hold tools or instruments.
  • The shoulder straps are elastic and adjustable.
  • Customer reviews indicate that the sizing is inaccurate. It is best to try them before buying or check to see if online orders are eligible for exchanges or returns.

Picking the Best Painters Bib and Brace

Best Painter’s Bib and Brace

Here’s what you need to consider while choosing a painter’s bib and brace:


The fabric determines the comfort levels and durability of the bib and brace. Most of them are made of cotton, which is breathable and durable. You can expect it to last a long time.

Cheaper ones are made of a cotton-polyester blend, but they are not as comfortable. If you want waterproof overalls, they will probably have double layers which can make them less breathable.


Overalls are meant to be worn while working, so you need space to keep your tools and instruments handy. Depending on the nature of your work, make sure that your bib and brace have sizeable pockets that will be able to store the equipment you need.


The design is also an important part of choosing overalls. Make sure the brace is sturdy and the straps adjustable so that they can fit you well.

If you want, you can also get overalls with an elasticized waist. It will give you a better fit and the trouser legs won’t drag down too much.


Best Painter’s Bib and Brace

Should I Get Bib and Brace Overalls or Trousers?

It is true that trousers are easier to wear and take off, but you really are better off with overalls while working. They are more comfortable and have more pockets to store your tools.

The only downside is that you need to wear a shirt under the overalls because they don’t cover your entire upper body. But this keeps you protected and might even keep you warm if you’re working outdoors.

Should I Size Up While Buying Painter’s Overalls?

You need extra comfort while working, so it is best to get a bigger size while buying overalls. Do check the length of the trousers before you buy them because sometimes the length of the pants increases when you get a bigger size.

Parting Thoughts

Overalls are a necessary accessory when you are working on a project. Having the right gear makes a lot of difference while working. A painter’s bib and brace will keep you comfortable and protected while you work.