Best Painter’s Tape for Concrete

Concrete is quite tough, rough and durable, which is why you should pick a painter’s tape that can withstand these properties while still offering sealing mechanisms against the paint.

Since there are numerous options in the market for you to pick from, it can get confusing to find the best one. To help you out, we have found the best painter’s tape for concrete whose features you can go through.

Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape

Best Painter’s Tape for Concrete

Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape is made from crepe paper and can offer extra strength for easy adhesion and strong protection on the concrete surface. It has a width of 0.94 inches and is green in color.

The adhesive is made with natural rubber. This painter’s tape can create a strong bond with the concrete; yet, it is quite simple to remove once you are done with its use.

The tape is 60 yards long and can offer clean removal up to five days since its application to the concrete surface.

  • Made with natural resources and 50% renewable resources to offer sustainability as far as possible
  • Can offer a five-day clean removal timeframe without leaving any kind of stickiness, residue or peeling off any paint (although reviews say it can last longer)
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces like concrete, wood, brick and stucco
  • Has a length of 60 yards which can last for multiple projects
  • Comes in a green color which can allow for easy visibility against the paint on the concrete
  • Certain reviews say that the tape can tear or split easily while sticking it

Things to Consider

Best Painter’s Tape for Concrete

You should look for the following things when it comes to painter’s tape for concrete.


Having a width of over 0.70 inches and up to 2 inches can be ideal for painter’s tape for concrete. In this sense, a width of 0.94 inches can cover a wide enough area and can be particularly useful if you want to paint above corners, edges and borders.


It is important for your painter’s tape to offer suitable adhesion strengths. In the case of concrete, your painter’s tape should offer strong adhesion since concrete can be quite rough. However, it should also peel off easily without leaving behind any kind of residue or peeling off paint.


Opt for painter’s tape that can stick to the concrete surface for long enough so that you can complete your project properly. Around five days is a good enough time, although longer timeframes are also possible to glean from such painter’s tapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Painter’s Tape for Concrete

Is the Color of the Tape Important?

The color of the painter’s tape can offer a contrast against the concrete and the paint so that you can achieve more accurate results.

Will the Painter’s Tape Peel the Paint Off?

No, it ideally won’t since the adhesion has lesser strength (but still enough) than masking tape.

Should I Peel Off the Tape Before Painting Another Coat?

You don’t need to unless the interval between the two coats is too long.