Best Paint to Spray Kitchen Cabinets

Not every kind of paint is suited for painting kitchen cabinets. Especially if you have decided to spray paint your kitchen cabinets because every kind of paint will not work well in a paint sprayer or spray gun.

Read on for a guide to the best paint for spray painting kitchen cabinets:

INSL-X Cabinet Coat Paint Review

Best Paint to Spray Kitchen Cabinets

INSL-X satin sheen cabinet coat is a great choice for painting kitchen cabinets. It is an acrylic enamel paint that gives you a factory-like finish even with DIY projects. It can be used for cabinets, shelves, other furniture, trims and crown molding.

It comes with a stir stick and can opener. It is chip resistant and gives you a smooth and durable finish. This paint is very adhesive even without a primer, making it ideal for DIY projects.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of INSL-X cabinet coat.

  • Covers 350 to 450 square feet in 1 gallon of paint.
  • A satin finish that resists food stains, water and chipping.
  • Can be used on wood, metal, poly/laminate or furniture.
  • Has an extremely smooth finish and satin sheen.
  • Not a lot of color options.
  • It is a little expensive.

Choosing Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Best Paint to Spray Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing paint for spraying kitchen cabinets isn’t exactly rocket science. There are just a few technical details you need to keep in mind.

  • Alkyd or lacquer paint is not suitable for spray painting. Alkyd paint is a little toxic and can spatter when used in a spray gun, whereas lacquer paint needs multiple coats to provide a smooth finish.
  • Enamel paints are considered the best for spray painting. They are durable, water-resistant and dry quickly. However, they do not work well with brushes or rollers.
  • Water or oil-based paints do not work well for acrylic, plastic or vinyl surfaces. For these surfaces, you need a solvent-based paint that bonds with the surface.


What Kind of Paint Is Used to Spray Kitchen Cabinets?

Enamel paint or solvent-based paint is best for spraying kitchen cabinets. They give a good finish without too much effort and are suitable for use in a spray gun.

They are available in multiple finishes and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, so you can use them for multiple purposes around the house. Using a spray gun is easier than using a brush or roller, so this kind of paint can be used for DIY projects too.

Is It Better to Spray or Paint Cabinets?

Spray painting is the preferred method of painting kitchen cabinets. It gives a far superior finish when compared to brushes or rollers. Brushes leave brush strokes unless you are a pro and rollers can have a stippled finish.

Spray guns have a very even and smooth finish and don’t require a lot of effort as long as you use the right kind of paint.

Wrapping Up

Spray painting kitchen cabinets can be a fairly easy project if you are well prepared and have all the right tools. Spraying gives you the best finish by far and the right kind of paint will give you an even, smooth and durable coat of paint on all your cabinets.