When it comes to painting your cabinets, trim, baseboards, and doors, the paint brush you use is the second most important tool in your arsenal coming in second only to your paint of choice. Make sure you get the right brush for the job to avoid brush marks and leave your new coat of paint looking fresh!

Best Roller for Tile Paint

Using rollers for painting tiles can allow for a quick, convenient and efficient application process of the tile paint you are using. You can also ensure a clean and uniform result. There are various kinds of rollers out there that you can consider using, although tile paint has some specific requirements to ensure an ideal …

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Best Exterior Paint Roller

One of the key components in giving your house’s outer walls a professional-looking paint job? Having the right tools, which means getting the best paint roller for the job. With so many options in the market, though, which one should you consider? Here’s our top pick when it comes to the best exterior paint roller—the …

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Best Brush for Fence Painting

A large painting job like painting your fence can be quite consuming, but the right tools can make even the hardest job seem much easier. Therefore, if you’re giving your fence a makeover, a good fence-painting brush is not just recommended, it’s necessary! However, not buying the right brush will simply be counterproductive; many brushes …

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