Best Exterior Primer for New Stucco

If you have recently gotten a new stucco project on one or more of your exterior walls, it is important for you to opt for a reliable enough primer that can stick well to the textured surface while also providing enough protection and durability.

From all the potential options you can pick from, here is one that we thought was one of the best for this specific project.

Zinsser 02004 Bulls Eye All Surface Primer

Best Exterior Primer for New Stucco

The Zinsser 02004 Bulls Eye All Surface Primer can be a good option for stucco, given that you can use it for exterior as well as interior projects. It is also suitable for use on rough and textured surfaces like stucco.

This primer comes in a can of one quart or 32 fluid ounces and is white in color while also having a water base. Through its application, you can manage to ensure an even application throughout the stucco, which can then make the application of paint much more efficient and effective.

This primer further comes with the ability to block stains from appearing on the stucco.

  • This primer is quick and easy to apply since it dries up in half an hour, allowing you to apply the other coat within an hour.
  • The water-based material of this primer can help ensure safety levels along with convenient adhesion to the surface.
  • This primer is resistant to stains, preventing any additional stains from appearing and forming easily while also blocking existing ones.
  • You can use this primer with multiple topcoats, including both oil and latex, thus making this primer versatile.
  • Through this single can, you can cover 87-112 square feet of the stucco surface.
  • The primer can sometimes tend to be delivered with a dent.

Choosing Exterior Primer for New Stucco

Best Exterior Primer for New Stucco

You should ideally look for the following aspects to ensure that you buy the best possible primer for yourself.

Base Material

Acrylic or water bases can be the best choice, given that it is highly permeable and can adhere well to the surface well. They provide a wider coverage too.

Weather Protection

Weather protection is key here since you are going to be priming an exterior stucco wall or surface, which is likely to face all sorts of weather changes, such as rain, heat, humidity and snow.


The primer should be durable in the sense that it does not peel off too soon. It should also have sufficient viscosity and color penetration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Exterior Primer for New Stucco

How Soon Can You Prime New Stucco?

You should wait for a week or two, sometimes even a month, before you apply primer to your new stucco. This can cure it better.

Does Primer Contain VOCs?

Some primers might contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially if they have an oil base. Water or latex bases have minimal VOCs.

Does New Stucco Need to Be Primed Before Painting?

It can be ideal to prime new stucco before painting it due to the improved adhesion and improved moisture resistance.