Best Exterior Paint Roller

One of the key components in giving your house’s outer walls a professional-looking paint job?

Having the right tools, which means getting the best paint roller for the job.

With so many options in the market, though, which one should you consider?

Here’s our top pick when it comes to the best exterior paint roller—the Fly Hawk Paint Roller.

Read on for a full breakdown of the roller’s features, pros and cons, some things to keep in mind when picking out a roller, and an FAQ section that addresses key queries.

Fly Hawk Paint Roller

The Fly Hawk Paint Roller is one of the best bets if you’re looking to get the job done fast but well. Painting ceilings and large swathes of the wall have never been easier than with this roller-and-cover combo which ensures the even and smooth spread of paint, preventing any patchy spots or discernible brush strokes.

Best Exterior Paint Roller

The roller is half an inch in size and is of extremely high quality, with users praising its durability, long lifespan, and easy maintenance.

  • With an eight-foot stainless steel pole, there’s no need for a ladder to reach spots that are higher up.
  • The paint roller has synthetic filaments which are engineered to hold more paint, which serves to get the job done faster and give you a better finish.
  • Whether a beginner or a professional, the Fly Hawk Paint Roller is a great user-friendly, easy-to-assemble option for all experience levels.
  • It’s quite expensive for a paint roller, especially when you compare it to the competition.
  • You cannot use standard rollers as a replacement for these rollers and will have to buy special ones, which are not easy to find.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Buying a Paint Roller?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking out an exterior paint roller:

  • Brand Value: Brand value is an indication of how good a product is. Some brands offer better, higher-quality products that are durable and well worth the price you pay. You can rest assured that a reputed brand’s products will tick all the boxes out of keen interest in self-preservation!
  • A Good Design: Look for well-constructed rollers. The handle should be ergonomically designed, given how long you’ll be holding and using it. Ball bearings will ensure a smooth rolling movement and a better finish, while a threaded handle will allow you to attach extension poles as and when required.
Best Exterior Paint Roller

A roller with these features is as ideal as rollers come!

  • The Length and Size of the Roller: Roller frames and covers are available in various lengths and sizes. Pick out these based on your project.

    For example, nine-inch rollers are quite versatile all-rounders that can cover quite a large part of the wall in one go. 12-inch rollers, on the other hand, can be quite cumbersome, whereas 4-inch mini rollers are great for touching up.
  • The Right Cover Material: Pick out a cover based on your project. Synthetic covers, such as those made of nylon or polyester, are good for water-based latex paint, whereas natural fibers are recommended for oil-based paints. However, synthetic covers don’t hold as much paint as natural fibers.

    You can also consider polyester-wool blends or the more modern microfiber rollers for your project. Foam is another option, though it’s considered a “single-use” material.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Rid of Roller Marks?

Roller marks, also known as “holidays”, can be avoided through several measures such as maintaining a wet edge, not applying excess pressure, getting rid of any lint, and not using excess paint.

Best Exterior Paint Roller

However, if you still end up with roller marks, you can get rid of them by lightly sanding the surface to remove any bumps and drips and topping this off with another coat.

Should You Paint Up and Down or Side to Side?

You can paint in any pattern you like, but you should finish the job by painting up and down.