Best Gloss Paint for Trims

The baseboards, crown moldings, window and door trims and all other kinds of trims in your house can support and enhance the appearance of your room. Whether you want to apply a fresh coat or repaint them, it is essential for you to opt for suitable paint.

Gloss paint can work well in this case, although it can help to narrow down the multitude of options available out there. You can find a good solution below.

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint

Best Gloss Paint for Trims

The Rust-Oleum 1992730 Painter’s Touch Latex Paint comes in a gloss white color. This premium latex paint is available in a paint jar of eight fluid ounces, although you can also opt for other options like multiple cans of this quantity or a jar or two of 32 fluid ounces.

You can also find varieties in terms of the kinds of colors and finishes available. Suitable for several kinds of projects such as wood, ceramic, metal, plaster and masonry, this paint can serve your trims pretty well.

  • You can use this gloss paint for both interior and exterior trims and surfaces.
  • The paint is durable and can provide resistance against various weather conditions.
  • This paint can resist chips, fades and cracks.
  • You can expect this paint to dry quickly, within 30 minutes of application.
  • This paint emits low odors, thus minimizing the risk of disturbances and health issues.
  • You might need to make plenty of preparations to the trim before applying the paint to ensure the best results, such as sanding, degreasing and priming.

Factors to Account For

Best Gloss Paint for Trims

Look for the following factors or elements while choosing gloss paint for the trim.


A glossy finish can be ideal for your trims, given that it can provide good shine and reflection while also emphasizing the details of the trim. It can help resist weather conditions while also being convenient to clean.


White trims are highly popular since they can complement all kinds of colors. Black and gray can work too.

Type of Paint

Latex or acrylic paint can be the best choice for the trim because it dries quickly, brings out the details of the trim and provides resistance against water.

Trim Location

Make sure you know the location of the trim you want to paint. If some of them are indoors while others are outdoors, opt for paint that clearly states its suitability for both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Gloss Paint for Trims

Do You Need Special Paint for Trim?

Trims are usually meant to provide aesthetic support to your room, which is why it can help to use gloss or semi-gloss paint to highlight the work on the trim.

Should White Trim Be Satin or Semi-Gloss?

Satin can work better for white trims on walls, but semi-gloss paint can be better for white window trims and cabinet trims.

Is It Better to Paint Trim with a Roller or Brush?

You should ideally use a brush to paint the trim so that you can take care of the details and intricacies in a clean, beautiful and careful manner.