Best Roller for Painting Cupboards

If you have some cupboards in your house and if you are considering sprucing them up a bit, then adding a nice coat of paint can improve them considerably, whether they are in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Using a roller can be a good idea here, since you can get a smooth and consistent result. Here, you can find a good roller to try out as well as some factors to keep in mind at this point.

FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller Review

Best Roller for Painting Cupboards

The FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller comes in a foam material and can work well with various kinds of paints and other associated applications such as enamels, varnishes, urethanes, stains and primers.

Apart from cupboards, you can also use this roller on doors and furniture. Suitably sized for a one-gallon paint can, this roller has a width of four inches.

It can also hold a good amount of paint and prevent any marks or lint from remaining on the cupboard.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including cupboards, furniture, molding, doors and more
  • Suitably sized to fit in a standard paint can of one gallon
  • Smooth and clean application on the cupboard without leaving behind any lint or marks
  • Easy application and attractive finish due to foam construction and minimal nap size
  • Versatile compatibility with different kinds of paint, enamels, stains, varnishes and more
  • This paint roller is not suitable or made for epoxy

Overall, this can be a fine choice for painting your cupboards, since it can leave behind a smooth and clean finish.

Things to Consider

Best Roller for Painting Cupboards

You must keep the following factors in mind while choosing and using a roller for painting cupboards.


Foam is the ideal choice of material since it is versatile, absorbent, smooth in terms of application and finish due to its minimal nap size and can also provide good coverage.


Size is important to consider when it comes to rollers. A size of four inches can be suitable for cupboards due to the ease of application. This can also work well for dipping the roller into the paint can without too much hassle.


The grip must be smooth and comfortable while still being firm and secure in your hands to ensure control and prevent slipping.


The nap size or thickness of the roller cover matters as well, with no or minimal sizes being ideal for cupboards due to their smoothness. This thickness can be up to one-fourth of an inch to suit cupboards.


Best Roller for Painting Cupboards

What Is the Best Way to Paint Cupboards?

Rollers can be ideal in terms of size, smoothness and coverage, but spray paint can work better if you need to paint multiple cupboards placed side by side and if you are willing to carry out the effort.

How Do I Paint Cupboards Without Leaving Marks?

Clean them up first and try painting the doors by detaching them first (if possible). Sanding and priming can also help.

How Many Coats of Paint Are Required Using a Roller?

This depends on the color and kind of paint, but 2-3 coats can be required.