Best Roller for Trim Painting

There is a misconception that rollers are not good for painting trim. This is not true at all! Paint rollers are incredibly versatile and if you choose the right size and material, they can be a very handy tool for painting trim.

Wagner 0530000B Paint Roller Review

Best Roller for Trim Painting

The Wagner Smart Edge paint roller is designed to make painting trim a lot quicker and more convenient. You do not need a roller tray with this roller because it can hold paint in the handle.

It is a 3-inch roller, making it the perfect size for painting trim. The long handle lets you reach those pesky corners with no problem and the edges are sharp and precise.

It has a lot of advanced features and is priced reasonably. The Wagner paint roller saves you a lot of time and effort, making it well worth the investment.

  • You can control the paint flow to the roller through the thumb trigger. This lets you lay down a thick or thin layer of paint as per your preference.
  • It comes with a cleaning adapter, saving you the hassle of messy cleanups later. All you need to do is plug the adapter into a garden hose or a faucet and it will flush out the roller, leaving it free of paint.
  • The handle can hold 6 ounces of paint. This is incredibly convenient as there are no drips on the floor from picking up paint from a roller. You save a lot of time you would otherwise spend cleaning up.
  • If there is paint left in the handle after you are done painting, you can just trigger it back into the paint can—no wastage!
  • If you are using very thick emulsion paint, the result might not be so clean with this roller. A traditional roller will perform better with that kind of paint.

Picking Rollers for Trim Painting

Best Roller for Trim Painting

Consider the following factors while you are picking a roller for painting trim:


Rollers come in a large variety of sizes. 9-inch rollers are the most common, whereas 18-inch behemoths are used when the area to be painted is very large. If you are painting trim, smaller rollers are the best. 3- or 4-inch rollers will usually get the job done.


Synthetic fabrics are best for painting indoors. Both woven and knitted fabrics give you a smooth finish. If you are using oil-based paint, go for natural fibers like lambswool.


Nap is the pile height of the roller. It indicates how thick the roller is. A ½-inch nap is usually sufficient for painting indoors. If the surface is very rough, use 1-¼ inch rollers.


What Type of Roller Is Best for Painting Trim?

A smooth or medium roller is considered best for painting trim. Larger rollers might pose a problem, so go for 3-inch or maximum 4-inch rollers while painting trim.

What Paint Roller Gives the Smoothest Finish?

Best Roller for Trim Painting

Foam rollers usually provide the smoothest finish. If you are working on a textured surface, microfibers will give you the smoothest possible finish.

Wrapping Up

Paint rollers are amazing tools and can be used for a very wide variety of purposes. A lot of people think that they aren’t suitable for painting small areas like trims, but it can be very convenient and a lot faster than painting trim with brushes.