Tips For a Better Halloween Party

Halloween is a party that is here to stay, there is no doubt about it. This typical holiday from the United States is increasingly common that children of all ages can not resist the emotions that bring the night of terror! We will try to give you some ideas so you can organize a Halloween party with style.


The costume is basic for a Halloween party. To make your party more fun, don’t forget to ask your guests to come in costume. It is best to specify that they are homemade Halloween costumes, no need to be scary or very worked, the fun is that they are original and handmade. 

If you don’t feel like dressing up all your guests, ask them to come dressed up from the shoulders up with some kind of hat, cap or another accessory. When they arrive at the party, you can offer to paint their faces with colored makeup sticks or black lipstick. It’s very easy and the result is fun!

If you want a fun souvenir of your party, set up a Halloween Photocall and take a photo of each guest upon arrival, in front of a stage created for the occasion. You can send it to everyone after the party as a souvenir, you will surely succeed! In our shop, you will find a collection of costumes and a Halloween Photocall with many ideas for your party.


Personally, I don’t like “haunted house” type Halloween parties that are scary and make the little children cry out loud. Whether it’s a children’s party or an adult party, I prefer it to be fun rather than scary. 

Decorate the party site with balloons in Halloween colors (black, orange and purple) and combine them with polka dot balloons, balloons with bats inside, confetti and some shiny foil balloons… don’t fill them with scary skulls! 

The combination of different colors and drawings, but always in the same color range always looks good. These very bright stars in silver and giant bats are part of the incredible collection of Halloween Meri Meri, you will find them in our collection of Halloween party decorations along with many others.

A fun idea is to make floating ghosts by blowing up some white balloons and covering each one with a piece of white plastic (a cut white garbage bag) or a white gauze. Tie the “neck” with a ribbon just below the balloon, and slit the “skirt” a bit to make it in strips. With a black marker, draw the eyes and hang the “ghosts” from the ceiling with a string. They look great! 

The Halloween table

We advise you to use orange, black and white tableware in plain colors combined with other dishes with Halloween patterns such as skulls or stripes. 

You can add compliments to your table such as wooden cutlery decorated by hand, especially for the occasion. 

Play with light and create scary effects.

A tip to light up your Halloween party would be to replace the candlelight effect with less dangerous ones for children. Replace the bulbs in a ceiling lamp with a “black” light bulb, you can find them in any electrical store, it will give a “spooky” light.

Candy, a basic that can not be missed.

Ahh… the most important thing, don’t forget the candies, they are the center of the party! Have a big jar of candy and sweets on hand to give to the kids who come knocking at your door. 


A very easy idea that we loved is to cut out these black cardboard garlands with a pair of scissors with serrated edges and place them around the table and the cake. A tablecloth made with an old white sheet and frayed gives it a very Halloween look. 

This same idea can also be used to cover your armchairs, your party will have a mysterious ghostly air and your furniture will be safe… something that never hurts.

If you’re not in the mood for crafting, don’t miss our Halloween selection for this year. 

Some ideas to have a great time… scary

Cut out the silhouette of a bat from black cardboard and glue it to a lighted lantern. Place it on a piece of furniture. This will illuminate the figure on the opposite wall. 

A fun idea is to create the soundtrack for the party. Record the atmospheric sounds: screaming, howling, the sound of dry leaves being stepped on, falling metal pots, ghostly laughter, etc. 

A fun activity and the kids will love the effect! Rice falling in aluminum foil will be rain, a plastic bag will be a bat, cellophane will be a fire, etc.

A game for the kids is to take a white construction paper and draw a spider web image like this one and cut out a spider with black construction paper. Cover the children’s eyes with a black handkerchief. 

Each child must place the spider in the center of the web without looking, whoever places the spider closest to the center of the web wins.

A bit of history… What is the origin of Halloween?

The origin of Halloween dates back to the Celts. These peoples celebrated on the night of October 31 the holiday called Samhain, to commemorate the end of the harvest season. 

The Druids believed that on this night witches enjoyed greater vitality, that the boundaries between the world of the living and the dead disappeared, and even that the ghosts of the deceased of the last year entered the world of the living and wandered lost in search of bodies to possess in order to pass through the other world. 

For that reason, they made incantations and huge bonfires trying to chase away the evil spirits. In order to avoid the harassment of these macabre characters, people left sweets and food at the doors of their houses, set up sinister scenarios, decorated their houses with bones and skulls or disguised themselves to try to resemble them and thus go unnoticed.

With the arrival of Christianity and in spite of the efforts to eliminate any pagan rite, this tradition did not disappear. Given the deep-rooted nature of the celebration, it was decided to adopt it and unify it with another festivity: All Hallows Eve or All Souls’ Day, in an attempt to give it a certain religiosity. In the middle of the 18th century, Irish emigrants arrived in America and with them their traditions and folklore, which soon mixed with other superstitions and other pagan elements, giving rise to what we know today as the terrifying Halloween.

When the Irish introduced Halloween in the USA, they also brought with them what would become the most popular symbol of Halloween: the Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin. Legend has it that after his death, Jack, a bad Irishman and swindler, could not enter Heaven for his misdeeds, nor Hell for cheating the Devil, being condemned to wander in the darkness with the only help of a burning coal that would illuminate him through the darkness and that he placed in a hollowed out turnip to burn for a long time. 

The Irish-Americans changed the turnip for the pumpkin, bigger and more common in their new land and, emulating the poor Jack-o-Lantern, they gave birth to the myth of the Halloween pumpkin.