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INSL X Cabinet Coat Review You MUST Read Before You Buy

For this INSL-X cabinet coat review we wanted to do something – a pet project, if you will – repainting the kitchen cabinets was just the thing we needed to keep ourselves occupied. This would allow us to rejuvenate the space that we increasingly found ourselves spending more and more time in.

Despite the lack of INSL-X cabinet coat reviews, we selected INSL-X’s white cabinet coat as the coat for our project. We complemented it with mint green for some of the cabinet panels.

INSL-X is a branch of Benjamin Moore, specializing in primers and paints. Among their INSL-X offerings are cleaning and preparation products, spray paints, primers and specialty coatings, among others.

The founding company, Benjamin Moore, was established in 1883 with the intention of product high quality paints and finishes. Since then, Benjamin Moore has gone nationwide. After seeing the end result of their cabinet coat, we had to write this INSL-X cabinet coat review.

The cabinet coat enamel is boasted as being factory quality smooth. It is durable and adhesive to just about any surface without the need for primer. It has a low VOC content. This means that it does not release volatile organic compounds into the air at a high rate.

Results That Inspired Our INSL-X Cabinet Coat Review

insl x cabinet coat review


  • For those who strive for perfection, the manufactured finish is bound to be a positive.
  • The quick-drying nature of the water-based paint type means that you can get your main painting and undercoats done in a day’s worth of work. For those who may be painting while working from home who may not have multiple days to dedicate to a project, this is ideal.
  • No odor. This is ideal, particularly for those who are sensitive to paint fumes. No odor means that you can go about your business without the headache-inducing eye-stinging ‘paint smell’ that other cabinet paints might have.
  • One thing that was of particular importance when we were looking at paints was how durable it was. INSL-X’s cabinet enamel is resistant to chipping, staining and scuffing. Given how it was the kitchen cabinets we were painting and we use them multiple times throughout the day, getting a paint that could stand up to repeated use was high up on our priority list.
  • Low VOC content. This is important as VOCs are dangerous not only to human health but also to the environment as well. By getting a paint with a low VOC content, the cabinets can look pretty while also being safe for us and the planet.
  • The painted cabinets being easy to clean is a must, whether you have kids or not. Being able to just pick up a rag and wipe it off without having to worry about the paint coming off with it is something that was a load off our minds.


  • Each coat is rather thin. While there is the advantage that it dries quickly, thin coats aren’t ideal for some purposes and the repeated application of paint may not be what you are looking for when painting your cabinets.
  • Do not apply in rooms under 10 °C or over 32 °C due to the nature of the paint and the VOC content.
  • Check the paint tint before you make a purchase. Different white paints have different tints so they won’t all necessarily match once you use them in a room at the same time.

When it comes to buying paint, there are a lot of things to consider. I hope that this review makes the decision a little easier for you!