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How To Paint Exterior Wood Siding Easily

The sun’s rays, rain and humidity submit the exterior paint of our home to hard tests during the summer period. Therefore, we want to give you today the best tips and tricks to paint outdoor wooden siding and keep your home in optimal condition. In short, we are going to list the steps how to paint exterior siding.

With a wide range of paint colors and finishes, the paint for exterior wood siding protects and at the same time let’s breathe the natural wood. If this summer you want to give a new touch of color to your home without spending large amounts of time and money, do not miss any detail!


To make that new paint job of your home you will need: 


  • A paint stripper (for any loose paint)
  • Some rubbing alcohol
  • Sandpaper (for the old paint)
  • Some insecticide and fungicide treatment (protection for the wood)
  • A wood primer (to prepare for the paint job)
  • The exterior wood siding paint of your choice
  • Various abrasive discs


  • A putty knife (use with the wood filler)
  • A brass brush
  • A cleaning brush
  • A sponge and a bucket
  • Fresh paint brushes or rollers
  • Protective gloves and goggles


Sand the surface to remove old varnish or paint from your wooden garden furniture. Next, apply a coat of paint stripper and let the product work for a few minutes until the old layer of paint or varnish is removed. 

WARNING: Do not apply the paint stripper when there are strong drafts or a lot of sun.

Then, scrape the product with the help of a spatula. You can also use a brass brush for the edges and cracks of the furniture. Once you get to the bare wood siding, clean the surface with the help of a sponge and a small solution of water and rubbing alcohol.

In some cases, a pressure washer can be used to remove loose paint and old paint from the wood without scraping and sanding. A pressure washer is recommended if the exterior may contain dirty paint you wouldn’t be able to reach with a garden hose.

I recommend hiring someone with a power washer and experience pressure washing. Alternatively, you can rent your own and get to work pressure washing to prepare for your new paint.

Regarding painting bare wood siding with cracks, it is very important to close any holes or scratches where rain or humidity can penetrate. To do this, you can use any type of thick putty or wood filler suitable for painting wood siding.

Finally, put down some drop cloths to avoid making a mess when scraping the siding surface smooth.

stripping exterior paint


Once the old paint, loose paint, or varnish has been removed from the wood, you must start scraping and sanding to be worked on. If you wish, you can reinforce and protect the wooden furniture in your garden with an impregnation or insecticide and fungicide treatment. Apply a first coat and, once it is dry, do not forget to apply a second coat for better adhesion to the wood siding. 

RECOMMENDATION! Sand the wood siding surface in the direction of the grain, to remove paint and achieve a completely smooth surface.

to prepare exterior wood for painting


On the bare wood siding you must apply a primer of the oil based paint you have chosen. Remember to stir the product well before applying it to the surface.

Start by first painting the edges and finishes of the wood siding with the help of a brush. Then, with the help of a roller, apply a first coat in a crisscross pattern. When this first coat is dry, apply a second coat in the same direction as the grain.

TIP: Lightly sand the wood siding with 120 grit sandpaper to give a rustic touch to your garden furniture. Don’t hesitate to play with exterior wood paint colors. This way, you will find the right gamma or shades to personalize your garden to the maximum this summer.


In Servei Estació you will find a wide catalog with different types of exterior wood paint. If you want to get an optimal result in the repair of your garden furniture, you should opt for a 100% acrylic exterior paint. Also, you must ensure that it remains flexible, breathable and its color is as bright and pure as possible.

We recommend that you take a look at chalk paint for outdoor furniture. This product becomes the best alternative to enamels, lacquers and acrylics. In fact, this type of chalk paint (calcium carbonate) has historically been used in some traditional paints to achieve avant-garde finishes. Most of these pigments have a durability of more than 10 years. In addition, they perfectly withstand any weather conditions: UV rays, rain and/or humidity.


Chalk paint can be used on different surfaces and all kinds of materials: wood, stone and even plaster. For rigid surfaces such as metal or plastic it is necessary to give a previous primer, but you can also use them. Surfaces with very glossy varnish or melamine should receive the same pre-treatment before painting wood siding.


Do you know the drawbacks of painting exterior wood? Although paints for garden furniture acquire certain guarantees of use, in certain cases they can cause problems in their application. Of all of them, we highlight:

1. Dirt. Many exterior paints are resistant to the accumulation of dust and dirt. However, in winter periods and periods of little use of the terrace, such outdoor wooden furniture often accumulates dirt and all kinds of dirt. To solve this, simply clean the furniture with a scrub brush and soapy water.

2. Loss of gloss. Many of the acrylic paints for outdoor furniture do not acquire the shine they deserve. Many times the failure is in not allowing the first coat of paint to dry completely. 

3. Rust stains. Another of the problems appears with the paint for exterior wood without sanding. That is to say, to repair furniture with rusty areas it is advisable to sand the surface first. Before applying the new acrylic paint, you should also apply a good acrylic or water-based sealer.

4. Appearance of cracks or flakes. When the exterior wood cracks it is advisable to remove the paint again, then sand, print and repaint the surface.

In our blog you will find the best tips and tricks to paint outdoor wooden furniture. If you still have doubts about the type of paint you need or the ideal treatments for your garden furniture, you can write us an email to or leave us your comment here.