how to paint bathroom vanity

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets (The Beginners Guide)

Do you want to modernize your bathroom and give it a makeover? We teach you how to paint the bathroom furniture for little money and leave it like new Take note!

To do this there is nothing better than getting carried away by the bathroom trends of this season: the coral color is about to end its reign as color of the year but will remain in fashion. A color easy to combine whether you are looking for a modern bathroom style or if you are a fan of a more classic option. 

Of course, beyond coral you have at your disposal a multitude of colors to combine and achieve a bathroom with a differentiating style.

The first thing we have to find out is whether the material is wood or melamine to know what paint to use on the bathroom furniture. Wood gives many possibilities but you can also restore a melamine bathroom furniture easily with a spectacular result, renewed furniture as if you just bought it! There are several types of painting techniques, we explain them briefly for you to choose the one that suits you best:

Necessary materials:

  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Paint¬†
  • Primer
  • Medium grit sandpaper
  • Bucket
  • Protector or varnish

Sanding and Primer

Depending on the material the furniture is made of, sanding may be more or less important before applying a new paint. 

Finishes such as lacquer or materials such as melamine (a conglomerate coated with a plastic film) make the paint adhere worse. With a previous sanding the paint will have greater adherence and duration. Use a sandpaper of medium grain. If the furniture is made of wood and you want a fine finish, sanding evens the surface and leaves it perfect for painting. Once the surface is sanded, clean it with a rag.

If you do not feel like sanding it is necessary to use a primer for the paint to adhere. The process is very simple. Apply a coat or two of primer. Once dry we can proceed to paint with our favorite color.

Painting: what paint to use for bathroom furniture?

Unscrew the handles and hinges of the bathroom furniture. Paint with a brush the hard to reach areas such as corners, nooks and crannies. For large areas use the roller and apply a first coat all over the furniture. If necessary, apply a second coat after several hours.

Special paints for the bathroom

There is a special paint for kitchen and bathroom, it is valid for any surface and is designed to withstand humidity and condensation, main enemies in the bathroom. 

We can paint radiators, tiles, appliances and of course they are perfect for painting the melamine furniture in the bathroom. They do not require priming and can be applied by brush or roller. They also work great when it comes to painting a lacquered bathroom cabinet.

Clean the cabinet with alcohol or acetone.

Apply the paint. The trick to get it right is to apply a thick coat of paint, if it is a self-leveling paint, it will be smooth and homogeneous.

Gouache paint

Another painting technique for wooden bathroom furniture is gouache. This technique allows us to see the drawing of the wood and besides being easy to apply it is cheap. It consists of mixing 50% acrylic paint with 50% water, you can vary the proportion if you want more color intensity.

Finishing and protection

Once the paint is dry apply the protector. As with the paint, use a brush and roller. Choose the protector with the finish that you like, matte, gloss or metallic. 

Exposed grain

Painting the wood furniture in the bathroom offers more creative possibilities, you can leave the grain in sight or paint with a color that covers completely. If you like to see the grain stain the surface, this is not possible in melamine furniture or lacquered bathroom furniture. 

Full gloss

Are you a fan of full gloss? A trick to achieve a similar look to lacquer is to apply the special multi-surface paint and then finish with a gloss varnish. This painting technique is best done with a spray gun, but there are some very easy to use lacquer paint sprays, then give it a coat of lacquer varnish spray and the result is amazing.

Ideas to paint a bathroom furniture

When your furniture is still in good condition it is a shame to remove it to buy something new. That’s why the idea of reusing is so good. Renewing the bathroom furniture with a new paint is the easiest way to change the style of the bathroom in a responsible way. In addition to cheap it is easy, every time you get bored of the color or want to give a new look to the bathroom, look for inspiration ideas to renew the bathroom furniture with paint in magazines and decorating blogs:

Now that you know how to paint a bathroom cabinet, are you clear on the new style you’re going to give your furniture? We would love to know the final result of your work. Leave it in the comments!