Best Spray Tip For Doors

Have doors that you wish to repaint in your house? Or simply don’t like the colors anymore? Whatever the case, spray tips are great ways to get the job done faster.

Painting your doors by hand is difficult and takes time, especially if they have many panels. Sprayers can help you get the job done sooner and get a fine finish. Even beginners can control where the paint sprays out and get a polished look.

For this, you need a good sprayer with the right spray tip size. Keep reading for an example and what features to look out for.

Graco FFLP 308 RAC X

Best Spray Tip For Doors

The Graco FFLP 308 spray tip is one of the best options for painting doors owing to its fine finish. It uses very low pressure and is known to be among the best airless spray tips.

It has a reversible tip and uses SmartTip technology to provide smooth finishes. When it comes to doors, it is best to find a long-lasting spray tip for repeated use.

Doors need more washable and durable paint as they are exposed to the outside of the house. The airless spray tips come in handy as you don’t want to over-spray or leave patches of uneven paint on your doors.

You might have to use primer on your doors if they have been stained or lacquered. This will give you a better finish after applying a coat of paint.

  • Good finish at notably the lowest airless spray pressure
  • Longer lasting and durable
  • SmartTip technology for smooth and accurate finishes
  • Less over-spraying and more seamless overlapping
  • 50% lower pressure
  • Can fit only with Graco’s RAC X Guard
  • Might not be compatible unless you have an adapter or converter (depending on your location)
  • Some customers might find it expensive

Do I Need To Remove Doors Before Spray Painting Them?

Best Spray Tip For Doors

This is advisable as you don’t want to get paint on your walls or furniture. Despite the precaution, some people like to cover all over surfaces and spray paint their doors in place and this is okay too.

Keep in mind that the setup before the project and cleaning up process after painting will take you more time. You might have to carefully take off the tape and plastic covers or blankets from the surfaces and clean them too.

Benefits Of Removing Doors While Spray Painting Them

The biggest advantage is keeping the mess confined to one space. You can even take your doors to your shed outside your house and paint them there. Have the door upright and you could have two people working on it at the same time.

With each person handling one side of the door, you needn’t wait for one side to dry before tackling the next.

If you are painting multiple doors, add a number or label on top of them to know which door goes in which room. Add a layer of tape over the markings so you don’t paint over them.

It is also a good idea to spray paint your doors on a drying rack or surface with holes through them. The excess paint will drip through and you can clean up easily. Be aware that this setup could take time, but it’s worth the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Spray Tip For Doors

What Are 311 Spray Tips Used For?

311 spray tips are best used to paint doors, furniture, desks, and fences. They can provide accurate finishes for narrow surfaces with airless spraying.

What Is The Difference Between 310 And 311 Spray Tips?

While both these spray tips are good for doors, 310 is considered better by some. It is wide enough to cover more surface area and can give you more control. You can even paint gutters and cabinet doors that are smaller than front doors.

Do I Need To Prime My Doors?

If your doors are lacquered or stained, it is better to sand them or prime them before painting. Go for a quick layer of oil-based primer and top it with a coat of paint.