Best Spray Tip For Ceilings

Just got a new house or wish to renovate your existing one? You might need a larger spray tip to cover bigger spaces such as ceilings and tables.

These are large surfaces and take time to finish painting. You will require at least a 411 spray tip if you wish to paint your interiors or furniture. You will need low-pressure yet heavy-duty spray tips for interior projects.

Read on for an example and learn which spray tips can be ideal for your ceilings.

412 Graco FFLP412 RAC X

Best Spray Tip For Ceilings

The 412 Graco FFLP 412 is known to provide a fine finish for all projects, irrespective of scale and texture. It has a reversible tip and uses low pressure to provide a polished look to your ceilings.

This product uses SmartTip technology to help even beginners arrive at clean finishes at the lowest airless spray pressure. It lasts long and can overlap over patterns with ease. The best part is that it sprays at up to 50% lower pressure.

It doesn’t require batteries (if you were wondering) and is quite easy to maintain. Owing to its heavy-duty finish, it is convenient to grip and work for long hours.

  • Fine finish
  • Reversible tip
  • 50% lower pressure for airless spray
  • 2x longer life guaranteed
  • Easy pattern overlap
  • Less chances of over-spraying (even for beginners)
  • Fits only into Graco’s RAC X Guard
  • Might be expensive for some customers

Which Spray Tips Are Ideal For Interior Paint Jobs?

Best Spray Tip For Ceilings

Why use a paint roller when you can make the job easier with a spray gun with the right spray tip? Choose different spray tips for lacquer and different ones for window frames and beams.

Small Projects

You can use a low-pressure spray tip for interior paint jobs. These tips can give you a fine finish despite using low-pressure and airless spray tips.

High-Viscosity Projects

If you are handling a project with textured materials and high levels of viscosity, choose heavy-duty spray tips. These will give you a professional finish and can overlap with the patterns better. It won’t look like cracks have formed and the finish will look even.

Light Shades Of Laquer

411 or more spray tips won’t work for light lacquers. Opt for 211 spray tips to accurately cover more ground. You don’t want to end up over-spraying and giving a blotchy look to your ceilings.

Painting The Whole House

If you are painting more than just your ceiling or a table, go for a larger spray tip. 515 spray tips are best for rooms and houses if you are painting the entire space. It would help not to have to change the spray tip for every surface you cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Spray Tip For Ceilings

What Tip Do I Use For Ceilings?

411 spray tips are ideal for painting ceilings and tables. They will help you control the space you spray and give a smooth finish to your walls.

What Is The Difference Between A 515 And 517 Spray Tip?

The size of your tip affects how much paint comes out of your spray gun. If you increase the size of the spray tip, more paint will spray out of the gun. A 515 spray tip can spray a 10-inch wide area owing to its 15-thousandths of an inch orifice.

Are Spray Tips Expensive?

Depends on what brand you are purchasing from and what size you opt for. Larger spray tips don’t necessarily cost more, but cheaper models don’t last long.