Best Roller for Tile Paint

Using rollers for painting tiles can allow for a quick, convenient and efficient application process of the tile paint you are using. You can also ensure a clean and uniform result.

There are various kinds of rollers out there that you can consider using, although tile paint has some specific requirements to ensure an ideal appearance. You can go through these specifications along with a roller product you can consider buying.

Bates Paint Roller

Best Roller for Tile Paint

The Bates Paint Roller has a thickness of half an inch and includes two kinds of roller frames, one of which is nine inches with the other being four inches in size. The rollers are part of a box set that includes the frames, extra roller covers as well as a synthetic paintbrush.

There are a total of 11 pieces inside the set.

This can help provide a versatile and effective painting experience, allowing you to carry out your overall tile painting with the roller and adding the finishing touches with the brush.

The roller included here is made from foam that is of high density.

  • The fact that this roller is made from foam can be ideal for tile paint due to the glossiness and level of adhesion.
  • The thickness level of the nap of the roller can suit the process of painting tiles, especially since tiles tend to have relatively smoother surfaces.
  • It is simple and convenient to figure out how to use this roller, providing usage advantages for amateurs as well as professionals.
  • The rollers are highly durable and can serve you well for multiple projects.
  • You can expect a smooth and even finish with this roller.
  • It can be a bit difficult to clean the roller after you are done using it.

Finding the Best Roller for Tile Paint

Best Roller for Tile Paint

The roller that you choose and use for tile paint should meet the following criteria and conditions.


Rollers can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, although foam rollers are better if you are using tile paint. This is because foam rollers with high density can absorb more paint and result in better application on a smooth surface.


Rollers can be of various sizes, with those of nine inches being well suited for household projects, such as painting tiles. Smaller covers can also help deal with smaller areas better.


Since tiles are usually smooth, you can make do with relatively thinner naps. If you have around half-inch naps, however, these can offer more versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Roller for Tile Paint

What Is the Best Way to Apply Tile Paint?

You should first clean up the tiles and repair any issues. Sand the surface, apply primer, dip your roller in the tile paint and start painting evenly.

Why Is My Tile Paint Bubbling?

If the paint does not stick properly to the tiles, it can bubble. Too much air can also result in this issue.

Are Rollers Better Than Brushes for Tile Paint?

Rollers can absorb more tile paint and result in quick and uniform application. You can, however, use brushes to deal with the borders or crevices.