Best Residential Gas Power Washer

Gas power washers, relying on gas as their power source and operations, are appliances that can provide a strong and powerful flow of water that can then help you clean certain parts of your house.

Such power washers can particularly help with certain larger areas and difficult stains. However, given the number of options in the market, in addition to specific residential requirements that you might have, you should ensure that you pick the best possible option.

Here is one option that you can consider.

Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Residential Gas Power Washer

The Westinghouse Gas Pressure Washer can be a great choice for residential power washing requirements. This washer can provide pressure up to 2,700 PSI (pounds per square inch), allowing you to clean several surfaces like decks, porches, patios, fences, railings, car wheels and appropriate outdoor furniture.

Powered by gas, this power washer has a one-gallon large gas tank that you can fill up whenever it runs out. The large tank size also indicates that the power washer can last much longer.

Some additional elements of this power washer include a soap tank, hose, spray gun and connecting nozzles. You can fill up and utilize each of these in order to clean the given surface.

  • This gas power washer has a diverse application, allowing you to conveniently clean multiple surfaces quickly and thoroughly.
  • The PSI of 2,700 and GPM (gallons per minute) of 2.3 can allow you to get a strong glow of water from the washer.
  • There is a 25-foot hose that comes attached to the power washer which offers resistance against abrasion.
  • The engine is powered by gas and has a pump that you can use to start the flow of water from the hose. This pump additionally does not require too much maintenance.
  • The wheels are sturdy and can offer easy portability.
  • You might have to buy a separate connector if you want to attach your garden hose.

What to Look for in a Residential Gas Power Washer

Best Residential Gas Power Washer

The following aspects in your power washer can aid its efficiency.

Power and Flow

The water pressure and volume of water that can flow through the power washer are important to consider here. The higher these are, the larger the area you can cover and the better the cleaning you can expect.


The gas-powered motor should work quietly and have enough durability. Check that the engines work well, what the gas emissions policies are and what safety elements it has.


You should be able to move the washer around wherever required through wheels and long hoses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Residential Gas Power Washer

Is It Better to Use a Gas or Electric Power Washer?

Gas power washers are much stronger and more powerful than electric power washers, making for better cleaning.

What PSI Is Good for Residential Usage?

If you want to clean areas like driveways or porches, you can use a higher PSI of around 3,000. Other residential parts usually require lesser pressure or power.

What Should You Not Power Wash?

Windows, meters, vehicles, gutters, AC units, asphalt surfaces, lights, painted elements and gardens, among others, are things you should never power wash.