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Best Paint To Use On Pumpkins (Safe For Kids!)

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you see a pumpkin? For me, it is the best paint to paint pumpkins. What if I told you painting a pumpkin could be used for autumn home décor as well? With fall around the corner, I’ve decided to paint a pumpkin to give my home a quick makeover. Yes, that’s what I had planned this year and it turns out our creative idea worked wonders.

We’ve tried many different paint products, but they all failed to properly stick on a pumpkin. A close friend of mine recommended me acrylic pens and we never turned back! Below, I will give my detailed review of these pens and why you should consider buying them to when painting your pumpkins.

Artistro Paint Pens = Best Paint for Painting Pumpkins.

acrylic paint pens for pumpkins

We’ve used these pens to create some fun and creative pumpkin decorating ideas. They came in a set of 30 water-based pens and 28 assorted-colors with extra black and white paint markers. The product features pigmented ink that gives a durable and neat finish on smooth and harsh surfaces. I didn’t have to worry about any mess, as the ink dries almost instantly.

Paint Pens are Great to Paint Pumpkins! Here is why:

pumpkin paint equipment

The paint pens worked really well on pumpkins, but you could also use them on other surfaces, including rocks, metal, plastic, cardboard, scrapbook, and more. I would rate them 10 on 10 for versatility!

Your best pick for detailing on pumpkins! The pens have a 0.7mm tip that supports fine-line paint jobs and helps you with DIY projects. This set of acrylic pens is perfect for pumpkins that need fine-tip paint tools.

The pumpkin painting pens meet safety standards, which means they are safe for your kids.

A great choice for those looking for a perfect gift material for their loved ones or those who want to decorate their homes with fine art.

Steps to start Pumpkin painting

The Best Paints to Use When pumpkin painting

From spray paints to acrylics, experts weigh-in on the top tints to use. Painting pumpkins is easier and safer for young kids, presents more design freedom for adults. Some are too translucent while others are too oily, taking them longer to dry. Here, two experts convey the best paints for decorating pumpkins so you can have a festive final product. The nice thing about a painted pumpkin is it could theoretically last the entire season and look great through Halloween, experts say.

Decorating Ideas and Prep Your Pumpkin

Theses pumpkins will make great decorations during the fall season around October. We put them on display every year because it is much easier than cutting off the stem and carving a pattern.

Like with any pumpkin decorating technique, you should always wash your pumpkin first. Wipe it down with a sanitizing wipe or with a soft cloth and some mild soap. This helps to remove dirt and grime to give you a clean surface to paint on. It also removes bacteria that might speed up the rotting process of your pumpkin.

Feel free to completely cover your table with paper before starting the project.

Supplies Needed to paint pumpkins(all of these supplies can be found at the crafts store!)

Any size you like of their faux pumpkins- the small ones are just $.98!! (you could also do real pumpkins!)- try Etsy for supplies. Remove the labels from the pumpkins and protect your table with cardboard. With a clean wide brush, begin to paint your pumpkin, using the stalk of the pumpkin as a handle to work around the surface. Drying time can take anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour, depending on how thickly you applied the paint.

Common Questions About Pumpkin Painting

How Do You Prepare A Pumpkin for Painting?

kids painting a pumpkin for acryicl paint

Always wash your messy pumpkin before using these pens. You could wash it with a mild soap or use a wet wipe for basic cleaning. The cleaning is really important before you paint your pumpkin not only for prepping the surface for paint, but it also removes dirt and bacteria that might rot the pumpkin.

Can You Use Washable Paint on Pumpkins?

kids painting pumpkins with non washable acrylic

I’d recommend non-washable paints, as pumpkin has a porous surface, and any washable paint will come off the pumpkin when exposed to moisture.

How Do You Seal Acrylic Paint on a Painted Pumpkin?

Spray craft sealer on your painted pumpkins to seal the acrylic paint. A sealant will also protect the pumpkin from the weather and environmental elements.

Can You Use Finger Paint on Pumpkins?

kid fingerpainting a pumpkin

You can use finger paint on pumpkins, and many people use finger paints to experiment with different designs on the pumpkin. This is a perfect idea for a toddler or baby that cant paint the pumpkin with brushes. Its safer than letting them carve and its safe for their skin, too.

Will Stickers Stick to Painted Pumpkins?

sticking stickers to a pumpkin

Yes, stickers can stick on pumpkins! I decorated pumpkins with a couple of cute stickers, and they stuck pretty well, but you may have to apply a coat of glue so that the stickers do not come off the surface. You can combine the stickers with acrylic paint for the best results. We’ve tried this, and it worked well for me!