Best Paint for Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings can be a make-or-break deal depending on your preferences and their quality. Painting them with the right kind of paint, however, can spruce them up and add to the appearance of your room.

Through this guide, you can find out which paint to use for popcorn ceilings and why.

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint

Best Paint for Popcorn Ceiling

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint can work well for popcorn ceilings. This acrylic latex paint is water-based and suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, including wood, metal, plaster, masonry and ceilings of different kinds.

This paint has a quick-drying capacity and can offer large coverage of 120 square feet. It is white in color and has a flat or matte sheen, making it ideal to hide inconsistencies, which can be particularly useful for popcorn ceilings.

Being low in odor and non-toxic, this paint can offer durability, protection and a bit more smoothness to your popcorn ceiling.

The paint comes in a container of 32 fluid ounces.

  • Minimal odor and non-toxic application, ensuring safety
  • Resistant to chipping, making it durable
  • Suitable for popcorn ceilings as well as for various other indoor and outdoor projects
  • Flat sheen that can be ideal for hiding inconsistencies and providing a smooth appearance
  • Quick to dry
  • You might need to buy a larger quantity of paint since popcorn ceilings require more paint application.

What Kind of Paint Is Best for a Popcorn Ceiling?

Best Paint for Popcorn Ceiling

Acrylic latex paint is best for popcorn ceilings since it can spread well on the ceiling while also providing a protective layer. Since ceilings are more prone to dampness and cracks, this paint can add an element of water resistance and adhesion. They are also low in odors and have no or minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Things to Note

There are a few other things to note when it comes to the best kind of paint for popcorn ceilings. These are as follows.


Flat or matte sheen can be ideal for popcorn ceilings since it can absorb light instead of reflecting it while also hiding blemishes and inconsistencies. It can provide more coverage and can work well for ceilings that are not going to be altered or touched frequently.


How much paint you use is also important to keep in mind. While acrylic latex paint with a flat or matte sheen can suitably provide large coverage, popcorn ceilings also require a bit more paint due to their texture, so make sure you buy multiple containers or a large enough one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Paint for Popcorn Ceiling

How Many Coats of Paint Will a Popcorn Ceiling Require?

At least two thick coats of paint are essential for a popcorn ceiling.

Should I Apply Primer to a Popcorn Ceiling?

Yes, applying primer before painting can help with cleaning, consistency and better adhesion.

Is It Better to Use a Roller or Spray for Painting a Popcorn Ceiling?

A roller connecting with an extension rod can be convenient and cleaner, although a spray can help you complete the process faster. The latter can be more difficult to manage.