Best Paint for Pine Picnic Table

Whether you’ve just built yourself a snazzy pine picnic table or you want to give your old one a makeover, a fresh coat of paint holds all the solutions!

Not only does painting your table increase its aesthetic appeal, but it also protects it from tough weather elements that your table is going to encounter by virtue of its position.

Best Paint for Pine Picnic Table

If you’re looking for the best paint for your pine picnic table, read on to know what our top pick is!

Kilz Low-Luster Enamel Porch and Patio Latex Floor Paint

The Kilz Porch and Patio is 100% acrylic latex, meant to protect and decorate outdoor furniture, patios, and walkways, though it’s just as great for indoor furniture and decor, trellises, trims, and siding, too.

Best Paint for Pine Picnic Table

The paint gives your table a low-luster matte enamel finish that is just as durable as it is good looking. Meant to be applied on already primed surfaces, the Kilz Porch and Patio Paint is available in two shades—a gorgeous silver-gray and a sober slate gray.

  • Extremely quick-drying, drying to the touch within an hour of application and ready for the next coat within the next four to six hours.
  • An all-rounder—you can use the paint both indoors and outdoors on a range of wooden furniture and architectural features.
  • Extremely durable and can withstand various conditions and protect your picnic table from harsh weather, while also being resistant to peeling, cracking, fading, and scuffing.
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Only available in two shades and one size (one gallon)

Tips for Picking Out Outdoor Paint

When it comes to picking out paint for outdoor furniture and features, keeping the following tips in mind will help you pick out the best option:

  • The Type of Paint: The type of paint goes a long way in keeping your table looking brand new all the time.

    Acrylic latex paint and oil-based enamel paints are great for exterior wooden furniture as they are long-lasting (they can last anywhere between 10 and 15 years), resistant to chalking, flaking, and chipping, and an effective shield against the forces of nature.
Best Paint for Pine Picnic Table

These paints are also easy to clean.

  • Finish: Consider what kind of finish you want. Do you want your table to look glossy or is matte your aesthetic preference? Choose your paint based on this.
  • Safety: Since you’re going to be using your picnic table for meals, ensure that the paint is safe, with low odors, to prevent any adverse health impacts. If you have pets around, ensure that the paint is non-toxic to them, in case they accidentally ingest it by licking or biting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Seal a Painted Picnic Table?

Sealing provides an extra layer of protection to your furniture. Applying water-based wood sealant all over the furniture is a good way to seal the table. Use a paintbrush and apply an even coat.

Can I Spray Paint a Picnic Table?

Absolutely. Follow the same prepping method that you would for a normal paint job—clean the table to remove all dust and debris, let it dry completely, sand it if you want to get rid of any unevenness, wipe off the dust, and prime the table, before painting or spray painting.