Best Paint for Picnic Table

If you are building a picnic table for your yard or simply want to repaint an old one, then you must choose a paint that can withstand the traffic along with the changing weather conditions, especially since it is bound to be outdoors.

You can go through a suitable option for your picnic table below along with certain things that you must account for when it comes to the kind of paint you choose. Let’s begin!

Rust-Oleum 1938502 Painter’s Touch Latex Paint

Best Paint for Picnic Table

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint is a fast-drying paint that can work well for picnic tables along with other surfaces such as wood, metal, ceramics as well as masonry. It can work for both indoor and outdoor usage.

This paint comes in a can of 32 fluid ounces and in a Hunter Green color that is high in gloss. It can also provide large coverage of up to 120 square feet. The gloss finish adds a shiny appearance and durability.

  • Water-based acrylic paint that can offer durability and minimal in toxicities, making it safe for you to eat on the picnic table
  • Large coverage
  • Quick drying so that you can then apply the second coat quickly
  • Gloss finish that can work well for outdoor placements throughout different weather conditions
  • Rich green color to enhance the appearance and suit the outdoors
  • You might need to keep reworking the coats for an effective finish and appearance.

Overall, this paint can suit your picnic table since its composition is ideal for the outdoors while also providing a good amount of coverage.

Things to Account For

Best Paint for Picnic Table

Make sure you keep the following things in mind when it comes to choosing paint for your picnic table.


The water-based acrylic paint is ideal for picnic tables since it can offer weather protection while also being waterproof and durable. It also contains extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and low odors to ensure safety while you eat on your table.


Many kinds of paint finishes can work here, although a gloss finish can be most suited to the outdoors due to the appearance and weather protection that it can provide. It can also enhance the surrounding aesthetic of your yard.


Since you want to use the paint on a picnic table that you will mainly be placing outdoors, the paint should be durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Weather Protection

Outdoor picnic tables should resist weather conditions like the rain, heat and snow, which is why the paint should be strong enough to ensure this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Paint for Picnic Table

Should I Paint or Stain a Picnic Table?

You can stain a picnic table but this might not be as durable and may also contain toxicities, so it is better to paint it.

Is It Possible to Paint an Old Picnic Table?

Yes, you can paint an old picnic table as long as you clean it up, sand it and prime it in preparation for painting.

How Do I Paint a Picnic Table?

After preparing it, you should paint it using a brush or spray can, let it dry and apply a second coat.