Best Paint for Outdoor Concrete Steps

Does it matter what kind of paint you use for your concrete steps? After all, people are just going to walk all over them, right?

Well, that’s precisely why you should pay attention to the kind of paint that goes onto your concrete steps. Good-quality concrete paint will make your steps easy to clean and maintain but more importantly, protect those walking on it from slipping and injuring themselves.

Best Paint for Outdoor Concrete Steps

It also doesn’t hurt that the paint gives your steps a nice finished look and protects them from wearing away, whether they’re inside or outside the house.

Given the plethora of options in the market, it can be confusing picking out the best paint for your concrete steps. Here’s us making the choice a little easier with our top pick!

FixAll SkidGrip Anti-Slip Floor Coating

This offering from the FixAll stables is a textured coating that can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface that requires a skid-resistant and durable finish. This even extends to Traffic Marking Coating on crosswalks, curbs, and sidewalks.

Best Paint for Outdoor Concrete Steps

The coating is 100% acrylic and exceeds anti-slip surface standards set by the ADA. SkidGrip is available in seven tones—camel, cobalt, crimson, emerald, jet, slate, and smoke.

  • Extremely durable due to the superior adhesive qualities of the paint and the resistance to fading.
  • Versatile; can be used on a variety of surfaces ranging from tennis courts to pool decks to ramps to steps.
  • 100% acrylic, making it long-lasting, easy to clean, and easy to apply to surfaces.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • Some customers have reported that the paint easily peels up on certain surfaces, especially the driveway when vehicles pass.

What to Look For in Concrete Paint

Here are some attributes to keep in mind when picking out concrete paint:

  • The Finish: From glossy to matte, there’s a wide palette of finishes that concrete paint can provide you with. The label on the can will tell you what type of finish a particular paint can give you and you can pick one based on your preferences.

    For steps, which tend to easily get dirty, matte might be a better option as it does a better job of hiding dirt and any imperfections.
  • Durability: While repainting your steps at some point is inevitable, you want to ensure that the gap between painting sessions isn’t too short. Though priming helps, the paint itself should be long-lasting.

    On the other hand, if you’re going to keep switching colors, opt for less durable paint.
  • Maintenance: Some paints require more maintenance than others, such as frequent polishing and waxing. See how much time your lifestyle can afford for maintenance work before you pick the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Priming Necessary for Concrete Steps?

Priming always helps a paint job. Priming your concrete surface will allow the paint to stick better and last longer while ensuring the smooth application of paint.

Why Is My Concrete Paint Peeling?

Paint can peel if you re-coat too soon or if the paint doesn’t dry sufficiently.

Best Paint for Outdoor Concrete Steps

What Is the Best Kind of Paint for Concrete?

Epoxy-based paints, oil-based low-luster paint, acrylic latex paints, masonry paints, and latex enamel are all suitable for concrete surfaces.