Best Paint for Cupboards in Kitchen

If your kitchen is looking tired and dated and needs an overhaul, irrespective of whether you have solid wood, melamine, high-gloss finish or wood veneer cupboards, just a lick of paint can completely transform your kitchen easily and quickly without burning a hole in your pocket.

The key is to choose the best paint for kitchen cabinets. So, read on to know about the best paint for cupboards in the kitchen and what to look for when buying one.

Nuvo Titanium Infusion Cabinet Makeover Kit Review

Best Paint for Cupboards in Kitchen

Now, you don’t need to make do with your old and outdated kitchen cupboards. With the 1-day Nuvo Titanium Infusion Cabinet Makeover Kit, you can give your kitchen cabinets a complete makeover in a jiffy without the need for removing the cabinets, stripping or priming.

The water-based acrylic self-priming paint bonds to the wood or laminate properly and gets dry to the touch in just 2 hours. Perfect for use on wood, metal cabinets that have been primed or painted or laminate, the paint provides professional-looking results with a brush and roller.

Each Nuvo Titanium Infusion kit comes with 2 31 oz. paint cans, an angled paintbrush, a roller arm and two roller covers and each kit can cover around a 100 sq. ft. area. The paint delivers a durable finish that does not need a sealer or topcoat.

  • Easy to use.
  • Good coverage.
  • High-quality paint.
  • Very convenient, no need for stripping or priming.
  • Paint takes a long time to cure.
  • May crack if the coat is too thick.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Paint for Cupboards in Kitchen

What to Look For in the Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

When purchasing paint for your kitchen cabinet, your choice will depend on many factors, including the type of cabinets, the finish and the color.

Type of Paint

Paints for kitchen cabinets are usually water-based or latex, shellac or oil based and you must consider the drying, curing hardness and stickiness of the paints before deciding which one is the best for your kitchen cupboards. Water-based or latex paints dry very quickly; however, they do not adhere to glossy surfaces very well.

Oil-based or alkyd paints are more durable, especially in places like kitchens; however, these paints typically emit VOCs, which can be harmful to health.

Shellac paints are the most durable types of paint, which makes them best for places with high traffic, such as kitchens; however, these can be difficult to clean up.


Paints for kitchen cupboards come in various options such as satin, gloss, matte and eggshell and you can choose one depending on your personal preference.

Gloss and satin finishes are easier to clean and maintain and retain the look longer compared to matte and eggshell finishes, which are more difficult to maintain.


The choice of the color is an important aspect to consider and you can choose one according to the look you want to achieve, the color of the walls and other accessories and your personal taste.


Best Paint for Cupboards in Kitchen

How Much Paint Is Needed?

The amount of paint you need depends on the number of cabinets you want to paint. You may need 2 coats of paint for your cabinets and maybe more if you’re painting over a darker color.

Usually, the paint tin will contain an estimate of how much square meters of painting you can get done with 1 tin. So, check the paint tin, before deciding how much paint you need to buy.

What Type of Paintbrush to Use?

A mini roller is the best option to paint your kitchen cupboards; however, a paintbrush will do the job too. When using water-based paint, make use of a paintbrush with synthetic bristles as this will not absorb water. Avoid a paintbrush with natural bristles as this will absorb water.

Do I Need to Use a Primer Before Painting the Kitchen Cupboards?

Using a primer before painting is a good idea because this will create a base coat for the paint and prevent knots and other blemishes from showing through the paint. Further, a primer will make the paint more durable, chip resistant and long lasting. Using a primer will ensure the best possible results.