Best Paint for Chicken Coop

A new chicken coop in your yard can require some painting to add a nice finish to it. Even if you have an older one, then it might be the right time for you to repaint it and get it ready, clean and safe for your roosters and chicken.

The right kind of paint is essential to opt for in this regard, so take a look at one such option below.

KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence and Barn Paint

Best Paint for Chicken Coop

This paint can be a pretty effective option that can help you paint a chicken coop. Made for use on siding, fences and barns, this paint is oil-based latex that can suit exterior projects well.

This kind of exterior paint can resist peeling, fading and cracking so that it can maintain its color and structure in different weather conditions.

This paint is red in color and comes with a matte finish. It takes a couple of hours or more to dry and comes in a can of one gallon.

  • Offers protection against all kinds of weather conditions, making it suitable for a chicken coop
  • Minimal levels of toxicity, ensuring safety for livestock inside the coop
  • Large coverage between 200 and 500 square feet
  • Comes with a combination of both oil and latex/water base to ensure durability, versatility and adhesion
  • Can work well against peeling and cracking
  • Due to its composition, this paint can take a few hours to dry and even more so if you want to apply a second coat

This paint can be ideal for painting a chicken coop due to its composition, weather protection and safety levels.

What Kind of Paint is the Best Paint for Chicken Coop

Best Paint for Chicken Coop

Keep the following considerations in mind when it comes to choosing paint for your chicken coop.


The paint should have minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) since the livestock residing inside the coop will need to stay safe. Low levels of odors can also increase this level of safety for your livestock.


Once you apply the paint, it is important to clean the coop once in a while to maintain its condition. Make sure that the paint can withstand this kind of cleaning and maintenance.


Opt for a combination of water and oil bases or simply a water-based paint. This can help improve the durability, maintenance, weather protection as well as safety levels of the paint. A matte finish can enhance this even more.


You should select a paint based on the size of your chicken coop so that you can get good coverage along with the possibility of multiple coats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Paint for Chicken Coop

Is It Better to Use Paint or Stain for a Chicken Coop?

Stain can provide a more natural finish. However, paint is better if you want more durability and weather protection.

How Do I Paint a Chicken Coop?

Clean and prime the chicken coop and start painting it. Make sure you leave it to dry for up to eight hours before you apply a second coat.

How Long Will the Paint Last?

You can expect the paint to last for as much as a decade as long as you apply it properly.