best paint color for laundry room

Best Paint Finish For Laundry Room

When you include a top-quality finish for laundry rooms, it will impart a higher level of protection to the painted walls and ceilings. For the laundry room, wherein there is ample moisture, a top-quality glossy paint finish is recommended for ultra-protection. As laundry rooms are nowadays larger, paint manufacturers have come with a wide range of paint finish options. Today, we will delve into a product that will give you the finish you deserve for your laundry room!

Best Paint Finish for Laundry Room = General Finishes Water-based Milk Paint

water based paint best for laundry room

The water-based milk paint by General Finishes is a top-quality paint finish for both interiors and exteriors. It works the best when you opt for using it in a smaller area like your laundry or bathroom. It’s remarkably durable with high adhesion for both exterior and interior usage. You can apply 2-3 coats with a roller, spray, or brush. If you accidentally spill the milk paint, you can easily wipe it up with water.


  • One of the major benefits of using General Finishes Milk Paint is that it does not require sanding when painting interiors and can be used directly as a primer.
  • The coverage of the pain is also good.
  • Moreover, one of the significant benefits of using milk paint was that it features an impressively quick drying time.
  • So, you’ll have to wait 2-4 hours between coats, but no more than 4-hours.
  • It’s also an easy application to apply on a wall, as well as being streak-free.
  • This makes it a breeze for a quick paint job in almost any laundry room.


  • The main drawback is without sanding, the results of the painted wall or ceiling are lackluster.
  • So, make sure you thoroughly sand spots with extra paint or moisture so that you can get a clean paint job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use In A Laundry Room?

For a thorough and professional appearance, we recommend a paint scheme with the same sheens for both the walls and ceilings. For example, if your room is painted with the same paint sheen, it offers a consistent finish.

That means if you decide to go with trims being semi or high gloss, the walls should be eggshell, matte, or satin, and ceilings either eggshell or flat. The eggshell usually appears flat, but looks clean and appears semi-gloss. This is great if you decide to go with General Finishes Water-based Milk Paint, since it gives a flat, semi-gloss look.

Choosing the right paint sheen is also essential since some are more ideal than others. For laundry rooms, we recommend satin, since it’s fitting for more active rooms. Satin gives a more elegant touch and can also be wiped clean in case of any spills or moisture build-up. Satin also easily resists mildew, dirt, and stains.

Water-based Paint is also highly recommended since it’s 100% natural with ingredients like clay, milk, lime, and protein. It dries in under 30-minutes, but we recommend at least 4-hours for another coat. As a finish, it has a chippy and worn finish like fine wood, making it look great on surfaces that it can easily absorb. In a laundry room, it can be used over existing paint, such as oil paint and can be cleaned with soap and water.

What Is the Best Paint Color for A Laundry Room?

You can liven up the otherwise dull laundry room with a splash of color. Some interesting options to try out are lighter hues or pastels. For instance, the General Finishes Milk Paint all-grey tone can be perfect for a smaller laundry area. If you wish to include more colors, then other lighter options like pale blues, crisp whites, sunny yellows, mint greens, and others are also recommended.

Is Eggshell Paint Good for Laundry Rooms?

Eggshell is an attractive paint gloss or finish that feels slightly flat but has a glossy touch to it. The low luster of the paint finish pulls out a striking effect in comparison to only paint. It also offers your room a soft glow. As laundry rooms are subject to moisture-specific issues, an eggshell finish is a great option as it is highly durable and does not pick up dirt easily.