windowless powder room

Best Paint Colors for Windowless Powder Room

Are you revamping a room with no windows and looking for the best paint colors for your new windowless powder room? If so, you are at the right place! The most common problem with having a windowless room is that no one uses it! This kind of room tends to make you feel boxed in and bored. It’s as if you have been mistakenly trapped in a shoebox, but you might as well wash your hands and do your makeup while you are there.

Without natural lighting, it can feel dull and small. So, what is the solution you may ask? Simple!

Painting is one of the best solutions to bring some life to the ambiance of your powder room. You need to try out many paint colors to enhance the windowless room atmosphere. Although, choosing the wrong paint can have your room looking too bold or even darker. You will achieve the exact opposite of what you were trying to do!

Lucky for you, I came across the Prestige Paint Semi-Gloss variant, and there was no looking back! I have used this paint scheme in one of my windowless rooms, and it worked wonders. Below, I will give you a brief review of Prestige Paint Interior Semi-Gloss and why you should choose it in your next painting job for your windowless powder room.

Best Paint Colors for Windowless Powder Room = Prestige Interior Semi-Gloss Paints

the paint i used for my windowless powder room

Although it’s a little pricier than competitors, you get exactly what you pay for! The paint is thick and covers beautifully. So, you’ll find it easy to paint your windowless powder room, especially if you have a large surface area, such as your wall or ceiling. You might also find that there is extra paint to use in your living and dining room.

The most impressive thing about Prestige Paint is that the primer is built-in and the coverage is excellent. A single gallon of paint covers 325sq, making it ideal for almost any room. It also has a full-cure time of 4-hours, whereas other painting products can take up to 30-days. Since it’s acrylic latex paint, it can be cleaned with simple soap and water.

It features over 40 different colors and several finish types, such as flat, satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss. For my windowless-powered room, I chose the lighter blue shade. It helped me lighten up the darkroom and impart life and a fresh appearance!


  • Capable of self-priming itself over the prepared uncoated drywall, plaster, stucco, or previously painted surfaces.
  • The paint is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, and family rooms.
  • The semi-gloss finish of the paint provides the room with a shiny appearance and brightens up the room instantly.
  • It has over 40-different colors and several finish variants, making it ideal for your painting needs.
  • A 4-hour cure time since it’s latex paint, so you can avoid any mistakes from happening due to long-winded painting jobs.
  • Pale shades and off-whites of the paint are punched up. It’s made brighter by the glossy effect from the finishes.


  • The colors of the interior paint might require more than a single coat. Otherwise, it will have an off appearance and may appear lighter than what is shown in the catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Should I Paint A Room With No Windows?

For a dark room with no windows or minimal natural lighting, I recommend using light colors – mostly pastels. The Prestige Paint in the premium-grade blue shade is very light and soothing to the eyes. With a lighter tone in your dark room, you can easily transform the dull space into a lively one in an effortless fashion.

What Is A Good Paint Color for A Windowless Powder Room?

The powder room in your house is an integral corner where you tend to space a major part of your daily routine. Therefore, it needs to be designed well as per the aesthetics of your home. If you wish to enhance its overall décor, you can opt for lighter, cooler shades rather than darker ones.

What Colors Hides Dust?

Lighter tones or shades are great when it comes to hiding dust. Moreover, when you have a glossy finish to the wall, it is easy to clean the walls as well.

How to Make A Small Powder Room Look Bigger?

To enhance the size and aesthetics of your powder room, selecting the right color scheme is the key. Try to stick with lighter calming paint colors to make space look bigger. It is all about tricking the eyes and making it appear more spacious and open. You can also strategically use mirrors on doors to make the room feel roomier.