I Found The Best Paint Brush For Trim

The Purdy brush series is a US-made versatile series of brushes of various sizes made for just about any painting job that you can think of, but this is definitely the best paint brush for trim. Whether indoors or outdoors, they are balanced, allow for fine control of the tip and are precise. When it comes to painting interior trim the brush is only half of the equation, so be sure to get the best paint for trim too! It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned painter or new to picking out a brush, there is bound to be a Purdy brush for you!

The Best Paint Brush For Trim – Purdy Angular Trim Brush

the purdy brush is the best paint brush for trim because of the durability and the quality


  • ‘Muscle memory’ to the bristles – After each brush stroke, the bristles return to their original position, ready for you to continue. No need for shaping the brush on the side of the paint jar again to get it into the tip you want.
  • Natural wood handle with a wax finish – Easy to grip, smooth with no knots or splintering and protected against the elements.
  • Tapered and angled brush – This allows for a near-professional level of control over what you are doing, whether it is painting around a light switch, detailing the edge of a cabinet or going around the edge of a window without the need for tape.

My Experience With The Best Paint Brush For Trim

When I first began browsing for a brush, I wanted to really get my money’s worth. Ideally, something that could be used both inside and outside with the same high quality finish. I spotted the Purdy brush during one hardware store browsing trip and decided to give it a try.

The brush is astonishingly versatile. I was able to paint the garden fence and redo some of our interior trim with the same smooth finish and expert level of control.

Even after a thorough cleaning between each job, the bristles returned to the sharp tapered edge that I needed them to, all ready for me to start on the next job without any loose bristles or wonky edges.

The Purdy brush also lets you get a good load of paint on the brush. This is ideal for those of you who don’t have quite the level of maneuverability to repeatedly stand up and down to get more paint- minimizing the energy you need to expend getting the paint prepared, giving you more to focus on the job of painting itself.


  • The bristles return to their original position after each stroke.
  • It is durable. One brush can last up to ten years! Definitely worth what you pay for it.
  • Versatility – This brush can be used for a variety of painting tasks which makes it an ideal addition to any home-owner’s DIY toolkit.


  • The brush head can loosen over time and ‘wobble’. This can be fixed by carefully putting a little glue between the metal ‘cap’ keeping the brush head on and the handle.
  • The bristles may soften over time. It may simply be a matter of using the brush for something else instead of retiring it completely but, depending on what you bought it for, it is suggested to test the bristles before you begin the paint job proper.

Final Thoughts

Having the best brush can really make a big difference when it comes down to painting interior trim. A good brush makes the job less physically demanding and helps you get paint into all the corners that are present when painting trim. The Purdy brush does all of this and more!