Best Paint Brush For Trim Baseboards and Doors

As so many others are doing, we wanted to spruce some of our rooms up while we had the spare time working from home.

The pet project that resulted in this Purdy brush purchase was repainting an old cabinet.

We wanted it two-tone – black with crimson detailing.

We wanted paint brushes that would do the whole job – something that would let us do broad brush strokes and thin, controlled angles depending on which part of the design we were doing.

The best products for painting trim!

That’s when we found the pro extra glide advertised as the best brush for a trim painter.

The paint brushes are a US-made versatile series of brushes of various sizes made for just about any painting job that you can think of, but this is definitely the best paint brush for trim.

Whether indoors or outdoors, they are balanced, allow for fine control of the tip and are precise with all paints.

The brush is only half of the equation!

When it comes to painting interior trim the paintbrush is only half of the equation, so be sure to get the best trim paints too!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned painter or this is your first time picking out a paintbrush, there is bound to be a Purdy brush for any painters!

First Best Paint Brush For Trim – Purdy Pro Extra Glide Brush Set

the purdy brush is the best paint brush for trim because of the durability and the quality


Bristle quality is number 1

‘Muscle memory’ to the bristles – After each brush stroke, the bristles return to their original position, ready for you to continue.

No need for shaping the brush on the side of the paint jar again to get it into the tip you want.

Natural wood handle with a wax finish – Easy to grip, smooth with no knots or splintering and protected against the elements. Perfect for painting trim.

Angled tools give more control for trim.

Tapered and angled paint brushes – This allows for a near-professional level of control over what you are doing, whether it is painting trim around a light switch, detailing the edge of a cabinet or going around the edge of a window without the need for tape.

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My Experience With The Best Paint Brushes For Trim

When I first began browsing for paint brushes, I wanted to really get my money’s worth.

Ideally, something that could be used both inside and outside with the same high quality finish when painting trim or baseboards.

best way to paint trim
I spotted the brush during one hardware store browsing trip and decided to give it a try.

The brush is astonishingly versatile.

I was able to paint the garden fence and redo some of our interior trim with the same smooth finish and expert level of control.

Even after a thorough cleaning between each job, the bristles returned to the sharp tapered edge that I need to paint trim and baseboards, all ready for me to start on the next job without any loose bristles or wonky edges.

The brush also lets you get a good load of paint on the brush.

This is ideal for those of you who don’t have quite the level of maneuverability to repeatedly stand up and down to get more paint- minimizing the energy you need to expend getting the paint prepared, giving you more to focus on the job of painting itself.


The straight bristle hair returns to their original position after each stroke.

bristles can be made with animal hair
It is durable. One brush can last up to ten years! That is years of trim work.

For those who care about details, the lack of brush strokes is going to be appealing. Just be sure to use a quality oil based paint

It is, overall, a versatile brush. Filler painting cabinets, detail painting, making sure the trim of your room is perfect, getting your window trim to match the rest of the room – whatever reason you need the brush for, it is flexible.

The nylon polyester brush retains its shape if it is properly looked after and stored.

This is particularly ideal for those who either plan on using the brush regularly or who want to be able to store it after use to go back to later on down the line without needing to replace it.

The high level of control that the 13° brush angle offers makes it ideal for those looking to paint where there are sharp angles, small spaces and lots of detail to work around.

Easy to clean. The nylon brushes mean that you don’t have to worry about water getting soaked up into the bristles, risking mold


The nylon polyester head on the paint brushes can loosen over time and ‘wobble’.

This can be fixed by carefully putting a little glue between the metal ‘cap’ keeping the trim brush head on the handle.

The bristles may soften over time.

It may simply be a matter of using the paint brush for something else instead of retiring it completely but, depending on what you bought it for, it is suggested to test the bristles before you begin the paint job proper.

Bristle shedding, which is something that will happen to all brushes sooner or later. Keep an eye out as you paint – the sooner you find a stray bristle, the easier it is to deal with!

The Company – Purdy

Purdy, the company, was founded in 1925 in Oregon. It started off small – 4 employees in a garage that was converted for the purpose. Ingenuity at its finest! All of the brushes produced were – and still are – handcrafted.

No lazy machine use here! This handcrafting means that every single brush is individually superior in terms of coverage and performance.

Each brush is ‘signed’ by the maker in the form of a sticker with the name on it.

This certainly is a very distinct thing compared to other brush makers where they come off an assembly line.

This is personal and dedicated to making every single brush the absolute best that it can be.

It is made by professionals, for professionals. It uses the same manufacturing process as it did 85 years ago, back in that converted garage.

If it works, why fix it? Definitely a good motto that this company stands by.

A Purdy Alternative

purdy trim brushes

Clearcut Series

The Clearcut series in particular is designed for use with latex primers and paints.

The Tynex nylon and polyester mix brush bristles are easy to clean and specially selected for the task.

Whether you need a brush for painting the larger surfaces or one for detail work, the Clearcut series has a brush for every purpose.

We found this particularly useful as it meant that we didn’t have to hodgepodge our brushes from different brands and risk getting a wild array in terms of quality and cost.

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Better control when painting; the number 1 angled brush allows for you to tailor what part of the brush is applying the paint precisely to fit your needs.

It holds a lot of paint for a brush of its size, meaning that you need to load it up less.
painting trim white

This is definitely ideal for those who find painting to be energy-draining when it comes to stopping up and down over the paint tin.

It is easily cleaned. What’s even better is that the bristles return to their original shape after you’ve got rid of all of the paint on them.

The size and shape of the brush will fit comfortably in most hands.

Tools that feel like an extension of the arm are often the best to use as they can be used more ergonomically and fluidly.

You don’t want tools that are awkward to use!

paintbrush finish comparison
They are versatile.

From painting skirting boards to picture frames, cabinets and around lighting sockets, this paint brush can handle just about every painting job that you apply it to where precision is going to be an advantage.


Bristle shedding is something that all paintbrushes are at risk of, whether it is right away or over time.

It is worth keeping an eye out for any shedding bristles as you work so then you can pick them off and paint over the area sooner rather than later.

So far as brushes go, they are on the more expensive side and so may not be ideal for folks looking to paint on a more casual infrequent basis.

They are an investment rather than a one-off throwaway purchase.

We definitely recommend the trim painting tools painting a room has never gone so smoothly.

The latex paint that we chose really helped to give it a smooth look as well but the brush gave us the control and quality that we needed to make it look even better.

We highly recommend the Purdy brush to anyone and everyone looking to do trim painting!

Best Paint Brushes: Wooster Silver Tip Angle Sash Paint brush

The Wooster sash paint brush is the perfect trim tool for your paint job!
wooster paintbrush

The natural bristle products leave painters using latex paint without brush marks that you would normally see with low-quality brush bristles.

Latex paints and oil based trim paint both worked well when painting trim with this paint brush.

Polyester bristles in combination with long brush strokes with the angle sash paint brush left our paint project without brush marks.

This trim brush is a little small for use painting walls but it is perfect for projects painting trim, baseboards, and general touch ups in any area size of choice.

With this angled trim brush, minimal prep work is needed to paint trim.

trim brush size guide

The shape of the polyester bristles remove the need for tape and lets you accurately cover more surface area.

The Wooster brush material and natural bristle should work with all paint types when house painting.

Many prefer an oil based paint but a latex paint product could also be used to paint trim.

Nylon or Polyester product should work best for your projects painting baseboards with oil base paints.

Painters enjoy this paint brush because it leaves oil based paint without brush marks or brush strokes thanks to the material, size, and quality of the angle sash paintbrush bristles.

different trim brushes

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced painter or have never seen a set of paintbrushes in your life, the best value and quality for paintbrushes comes from Wooster at a good price.

List of more tips

When painting trim for a good price consider the one important factor that is the material type and quality of bristles that will work best for your painting project.

Also consider the size and material of your trim paint brush for painting if you have small or large hands.

You don’t want to get a paint brush that is the wrong size for your hands, but we don’t see this being a big problem.

Be careful that you don’t have animal hair on your trim before you start painting!

Another one of our tips: painting trim at the number 1 price. You don’t need to pay more to get more when it comes to trim!

Final Thoughts

The slender handle and overall build of the brush means that while it may be perfect for some, using it may feel awkward and too light for others.

More tips: Don’t use a roller to paint trim!
the best paintbrush for corners trim nooks and crannies

Depending on how often you paint trim, it can be an expensive brush.

If you paint trim, these are the best paint brushes and definitely worth the investment. You’ll soon have earned it back through your work.

For individuals looking to paint trim, it is high quality but costly for something that may only be used a handful of times at most before sitting in the back of the cupboard.

We hope that our review will help other homeowners – and professionals – looking for a brush to get the job they have in mind done!

Having the best brush can really make a big difference when it comes down to painting interior trim.

A good brush makes the job less physically demanding and helps you get paint into all the corners that are present when painting trim.