Best Paint Brush for Textured Walls

Best Paint Brush for Textured Walls

If you need to paint a textured wall and are wondering which paintbrush is the best, any expert will tell you that for textured walls, using a paint roller is better than a paintbrush.

The longer length and thicker nap of the paint roller will enable you to get a smoother finish and more coverage in lesser time while allowing you to maintain good control. A paintbrush is a good option only if you’re painting a small portion of the textured wall or doing a touch-up. So, which is the best brush for textured walls?

Bates Paint Roller Review

Best Paint Brush for Textured Walls

If you’re shopping for the best paintbrush for textured walls, then the Bates Paint Roller Set is a great option to consider. The comprehensive 11-piece set comes with two roller frames, 4 roller covers, a high-density foam brush, an angel paintbrush and a tray.

The brushes have synthetic filaments that are thick and can retain more paint, enabling you to achieve the finish you want and save time. The foam rollers have ½” naps, making them perfect for painting textured walls. The Bates Paint Roller Set is very high-quality, easy to clean and durable.

  • Easy to use.
  • High quality.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Rollers are lint-free.
  • Value for money buy.
  • The roller comes off the frame.
  • The roller cover starts shedding very quickly.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Paint Brush for Textured Walls

If you’re shopping for the best roller paint brush for your textured walls, then here are a few things to look out for.

Right Design and Grip

The paintbrush roller you purchase should have the proper:

  • Length: Paintbrush rollers come in various lengths—4”, 9” and 12”. Ensure that the holder of the roller is sufficiently long so that you can reach all the parts of the wall, at the same time it should not be awkward to use.
  • Grip: The grip of the roller paint brush should be comfortable and allow you to maintain proper control and prevent your hand from cramping or getting tired.
  • Compatibility: The roller holder and cover should be compatible to ensure efficient painting.

Nap Thickness

You need to choose the paintbrush roller for textured walls with appropriate nap thickness because if the nap is too thin, then this can cause the roller cover to tear. Some of the best naps for textured walls include ¾”, 3/8” and microfiber naps.

Roller Cover Material

Roller covers are available in different materials and some of the best materials that enable you to achieve a smooth finish and consistent coverage on textured walls include polyester, nylon, microfiber, lambswool, sheepskin or mohair.


Best Paint Brush for Textured Walls

Do You Need a Special Paint Brush Roller for Textured Walls?

There are many types of paint brush rollers on the market; however, you can use all of them for textured walls as you will not get the results you want. So, it is essential to purchase a paintbrush roller specifically designed for painting textured walls.

Why Use a Roller to Paint Textured Walls?

A thick nap paint roller (3/4” to 1”) allows you to paint textured walls more easily, efficiently and quickly. The fibers from the roller will sink into the grooves of the texture in the wall and with just a few passes, you can achieve better coverage and a smoother finish.