Best Paint Brush for Cabinet Doors

Best Paint Brush for Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors can be of various kinds depending on the material, surface and texture. To ensure the smooth application of paint, you will need the Best Paint Brush for Cabinet Doors.

A good option in this regard is the Bates Paint Brush that you can learn more about below.

Bates Paint Brushes Review

Best Paint Brush for Cabinet Doors

Bates Paint Brushes come with treated wooden handles for a secure hold while you paint. Synthetic bristles or filaments can also allow you to make use of these brushes for a variety of paints while also allowing you to hold more paint to ensure quick application.

There are four brushes included in this purchase with sizes that include 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 2.5 inches and 3 inches. While three of these brushes are flat, one of them is angled to ensure versatile application.

The bristles are also held together using stainless steel ferrules to ensure quality and durability.

  • Four different brushes of different sizes
  • Angled as well as flat brushes included for versatile application
  • Stainless steel ferrules for durability
  • Synthetic bristles with thick filaments to hold more paint and offer a smooth finish
  • Lightweight yet firm wooden handles for a sturdy and comfortable hold
  • Sometimes, these brushes might leave behind streaks and marks, especially if you are using them for larger projects.

For cabinet doors, regardless of what they are made from, these paintbrushes can be a suitable choice since they can help you cover a large area with a uniform coat while also managing to paint the crevices properly.

What Kind of Paint Brush Works Best for Cabinet Doors?

Best Paint Brush for Cabinet Doors

A paintbrush should meet the following requirements to suit cabinet doors.


The bristles should be of synthetic material with thick filaments so that they can soak up more paint of different kinds. They should also be durable without shedding.


Apart from the thickness of the filaments themselves, the thickness can also apply to the overall size of the brushes. Thick brush bristles that go up to three inches or so can make the application of paint much easier on the cabinet door.

Some brushes with a smaller size can also work if you need to cover the grooves and ridges.


Softer brushes can be a good way for you to apply an even and uniform coat of paint on the cabinet door while also giving a smooth finish. This can also help if you want to apply a stain.

Cabinet Door Type

What kind of paintbrush will work can also depend on the cabinet door itself. Make sure you choose something that is versatile so that you can paint on wood, laminates, metal and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Paint Brush for Cabinet Doors

How Do I Avoid Leaving Behind Brush Strokes on the Cabinet Doors?

Cleaning the doors, applying primer and following a painting direction can help avoid brush strokes.

How Should I Prepare Cabinet Doors for Painting?

Clean them, empty the shelves out, apply a primer if required and start painting.

Can Rollers Work for Painting Cabinet Doors?

Yes, although they might not help with textured doors.