Best Brush to Paint Door Trim

Door trims can often be intricate and full of specific shapes and details, although you might find some that are simpler too. It can be important to find the right kind of brush that can help you paint this kind of trim well, which is why making sure that you know which specifications to look for is crucial.

You can go through these specifications below, along with a brush set that can work well here.

Pro Grade Paint Brushes

Best Brush to Paint Door Trim

This Pro Grade set comes with five paint brushes that you can use for painting door trim. They vary in size and range from an inch to 2.5 inches, with some brushes being flat and others carrying an angle.

The bristles of these paint brushes are made from synthetic material, making them more suited to painting trim since they can ensure a smoother finish with minimal marks.

You can use these brushes for a variety of applications, including potential indoor and outdoor projects you might have, such as trims, doors, walls and cabinets, as well as more artistic projects.

  • The brushes come in varying sizes, allowing for more diversity in usage and application, especially if you need to get into small corners and gaps (such as with trims).
  • The synthetic material and shape can allow the brushes to absorb more paint so that you can carry out the painting in a clean and quick manner.
  • The brushes come with a hole that can make their storage more convenient.
  • You can use these brushes with all kinds of paint.
  • The brushes are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Some bristles can get stuck together too quickly.

What Kind of Brush Is Best for Painting Door Trims?

Best Brush to Paint Door Trim

There are a few considerations that can make the process of selecting a brush much easier for you. Here they are.


It can help to have a brush that comes with an angled sash while painting your trim since this can get the paint onto otherwise hidden areas and gaps. This can also make it easier to paint the intricacies of the trim.


You should use a brush that measures between 1 and 2.5 inches in size for painting trims to ensure that you cover the details, corners and gaps.


Synthetic brushes work better with acrylic or latex paint and are also easier to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Brush to Paint Door Trim

How Do I Prevent Brush Marks When Painting Trim?

Ensuring that you take enough paint on your brush and paint the trim in a uniform manner is essential to prevent brush marks. You can also use the tip of the brush to even out any marks.

How Do I Achieve a Smooth Finish on a Door Trim?

You should sand and prime the door trim to ensure a smooth surface so that the paint results in a smooth finish.

Is It Better to Use a Brush or a Roller on Door Trim?

A brush can be better for door trim since it can make it easier for you to work with detailed elements.