Best Airless Spray Gun For Latex Paint

If you’re using latex paint in your latest home improvement project, one of the easiest ways to get a smooth finish is to include an airless spray gun in your arsenal!

Airless spray guns give you a professional-looking finish and are extremely handy devices to have in your toolkit.

Best Airless Spray Gun For Latex Paint

While you can rent one for around $40 to $100 per day, you might as well invest half of this and just get yourself your very own spray gun.

But that brings us to the next question—which airless spray gun should you invest in?

Well, we might have the answer. Read on!

Yattich Paint Sprayer

The Yattich Paint Sprayer is an HVLP sprayer that’s excellent for small or medium-sized projects, such as giving your old furniture, fence, or even bedroom a makeover.

Best Airless Spray Gun For Latex Paint

Featuring three spray patterns and five copper nozzles (between 1.2 and 3 millimeters), there’s very little room for error with this spray gun when it comes to handling a diverse range of stains and paints.

The spray gun can spray a maximum of 800 milliliters of paint per minute and you can easily adjust this to lower amounts via the settings on the gun. The gun can hold up to a liter of paint, which is more than sufficient for most small projects, and also comes with a detailed user manual and accessories for cleaning.

  • Easy to disassemble and store once the project is done; this also makes cleaning easier.
  • High-quality components, such as copper nozzles that are less prone to clogging, can better withstand pressure and give you a more uniform and concentrated spray, unlike plastic.
  • Resistant to moisture and dust, which prolongs its lifespan and also ensures that the paint is unpolluted by these.
  • Three spray patterns and five nozzle sizes widen the tool’s functionality and versatility.
  • Paint needs to be thinned before use in the gun.
  • The learning curve for the tool.
  • Reports of overheating when used continuously.

How to Choose the Right Airless Spray Gun

The following factors will help you pick out the right airless spray gun from the others in the market:

  • The Type of Gun: Spray guns can be pneumatic/compressed, airless, or HVLP. Research the pros and cons of each type, take your project’s needs into consideration, and then choose the type that’s best suited.
  • Easy to Clean: Though cleaning a spray gun is no small task, features such as easy detachment, included cleaning accessories, and the ability to connect to a garden hose make the task easier.
  • Portability: If you’re working on a larger project, a spray gun with wheels or in a backpack can make things easier, as can long cords and battery power.
Best Airless Spray Gun For Latex Paint

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Thin Latex Paint With?

Latex paint is water-based, so you should thin it only with water. Similarly, you should only use water to clean it up.

Do Airless Sprayers Create Overspray?

Since airless sprayers operate at high-pressure levels when spraying, there is the possibility of a lot of overspray. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove the overspray from latex paint.

Why Is My Airless Sprayer Using So Much Paint?

If your nozzle size is ill-suited for the project, you may find that excess paint is being used. Too small a nozzle will create clogs, while a large one will spray extra pain and also cause spills and splashes. Both of these situations will suck up more paint than necessary.