Best Airless Paint Sprayer Hose

The quality of hose for your airless paint sprayer can make or break the spraying experience. A hose that is too short will lead to you repositioning your pump all the time and a leaky hose causes a big mess. To fix these problems, I want to recommend you a better alternative.

Graco 1/4-Inch Airless Hose

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Hose

This airless paint sprayer hose is durable and built to last. It is an amazing product, I only wish that I could loosen up the coil faster, as it automatically wants to coil when it can. After struggling with it while painting from my roof, I eventually won. I would recommend this hose to anyone as it does the job it’s meant to do without any other issues. I love that it comes with an adapter and is built by Graco, a name you can trust.

  • Trusted brand
  • Available in multiple lengths
  • Spring guards last a long time
  • Includes 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. connector
  • Slightly more expensive than budget oriented options

Must Have: Hose Whip To Reduce Wrist Fatigue (Graco 3/16″ Hose Whip, 4′)

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Hose

This purchase is so worth it. Reduces spray mistakes caused by muscle tiredness and overall just makes the whole experience more enjoyable. A must have for anyone using a sprayer on a normal basis.

Things to consider when looking for the Best Airless Paint Sprayer Hose

There are a few things to consider before picking up the best airless paint sprayer hose.

Hose length

I strongly recommend getting the 50 foot variant if you have any doubts about the 25 foot version. The extra length makes a big difference when spraying multiple stories. The hose also has a strong coil out of the box, so having more length would make it easier to fight against the coil of the hose. If you don’t want to be repositioning your pump assembly often, go with the 50 foot variant.

Spring guards

It is important to have spring guards that are going to last a long time without giving you any issues.

Common Questions

What size air hose is best for spray painting?

The most common hose diameter is 1/4 in. and the most common hose length is 25 feet.

What is a whip hose for airless sprayer?

A whip hose is a short hose used between the spray gun and the main hose to reduce hand fatigue.